Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tears Again

It's late. I've been suffering from more than my usual share of insomnia lately.

A while back I sent out an email to everyone who knew about my pregnancy, telling them the bad news. Tonight I got a reply from my BIL. He is such a gem and I truly did not know that a man could provide such comfort about a subject such as this. It made me cry all over again and I really thought I was done with that. Apparantly not.

Tonight I watched a movie called Firefly Dreams. It's a Japanese film with subtitles. The pace is slow but the scenery is beautiful. And the story is beautiful too. It's basically a coming of age story of a teenage city girl who gets sent to the country for the summer and has to take care of an old woman with Alzheimers. If you enjoy the ocassional off-beat movie, I think this one will not disappoint.

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Josefina said...

I'm starting to think we will both be pregnant at the same time!! (I'm just starting my "campaign" again).
A little advice: cry all you have to cry, it's the best you can do to "purify" your soul.
And allow yourself to be loved more than ever!!!
best wishes from this little country!!!