Thursday, March 16, 2006

On Hold

Well, it's been a roller coaster kind of day. Here's the summary: I called the OB's office first thing and spoke with the most wonderful phone nurse, C. She patiently listened to everything I said and wrote it all down. I told her that what I was experiencing was very much like a period but I thought it was too early for one. She said not necessarily. Then I told her that my HCG was 251 last Monday but I didn't know my results from this past Monday. So she said she'd get my chart and tell Dr. OB everything and let me know.

About an hour later, just when I was beginning to think I'd been forgotten, she called back. She was still trying to track down my bloodwork results but she had talked to Dr. OB who wanted to assure me that I should not worry. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. She promised to call back as soon as she got my numbers and showed them to Dr. OB.

About an hour after that, she called me back. She hadn't been able to talk to Dr. OB, but she did have my numbers from Monday: 180. That's a halving time of 350 hours. Way way way up from the previous week's 60 hours. I'm afraid to calculate it out. At this rate, I may have a baby in 2008.

So, I'm still waiting to hear back from C as to what Dr. OB wants me to do. The good news is that my cramping is pretty much gone (maybe from the Advil) and mostly today it's been very light/spotting and mostly dark red, almost brown in color.

What I am afraid of now is retained tissue. I had so hoped to avoid a D&C and I am so afraid that she is waiting to call me this evening to discuss just that.

So here I sit, waiting. That seems to be my persistant state these days.

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