Saturday, March 25, 2006


CD28 and, yes, I'm still bleeding. Very light but more than spotting. I keep trying to compare my two m/c. The first one I bled/spotted for 31 days. I'm beginning to believe I'll beat that this time around.

Thanks for the inputs on vegetarian cookbooks. I'll check out all of them. I also plan to do some research and buy a wok sometime soon as that's something I've always wanted. I'm worried that it might not work so well on a flat top (ceramic) stove. If anyone's got any input on that, please speak up!

I stopped at the library today and every single one of the cookbooks I had on reserve had shown up. There were 8 or 10 of them! Of course, cookbooks are never small. Poor G had to walk to the car because, even though I had a shoulder bag, there was no way I could carry 100 pounds of cookbooks and 30 pounds of G. I'm looking forward to some light reading today.

My daughter has a very uncanny ability to know when my SIL/her pediatrician is leaving town. I think twice in her life she's gotten sick with a fever and both times it was when SIL was out of town. Yesterday was the third time. She woke up sick from her nap and it was a long afternoon/evening. Thank the Universe for Motrin and Tylenol because they knocked out her fever pretty good and when Mommy finally figured out that drinking a half a cup of milk in 2 seconds flat is enough to make anyone barf, she was feeling much better. She slept all night and is going for a marathon nap today. Lots of time to read cookbooks.

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Lorem ipsum said...

I had no idea a miscarriage could go on for so long. (I had D&Cs for both of mine, and then the bleeding went on and on but that was secondary.) I feel so discouraged for you. (((((Hugs)))))