Saturday, March 11, 2006


I love getting packages in the mail. Sometimes I go on an ebay buying spree and it is so fun to watch the packages roll in. J always gives me a hard time because if I've bought several things I sometimes don't know exactly what's in the package. It's like Christmas all over again. Anyway, today I got a big fat package of 50 OPKs from Baby-Wishes. They're only like 40 cents each when you buy that many so I don't feel too bad about starting to test too early. The pessimistic side of me wanted to buy plenty to get me through trying to get pregnant again. The optimistic side of me says I'll give 45 of them away to some lucky soul as I won't be needing them. We'll see which side wins.

Tonight I started watching a DVD of the TV series called Bramwell. It is from 1995 and it looks like something that would air on PBS. Great series! It is about a woman in Victorian England in 1895 whose father allowed her to train as a doctor. A family friend finances starting a clinic in London's East End and the show is all about her struggles not only to treat the working poor of England but also to be accepted as a real doctor. I would highly recommend it. If you do watch it, I would caution that there is a segment at the end of the first disc where a woman dies in a pretty bloody childbirth. It's hard to watch but then again, I needed a good cry. Some of the scenes are pretty gross in my opinion but from the occassional commercials I see, it's nothing worse than stuff on network TV these days. The whole culture of Victorian times fascinates me. Women were assumed to be hysterical and routinely were subjected to hysterectomies to "calm them down". They were not expected to have brains. They were not even supposed to know about the facts of life! How far we have come. Anyway, I watched 3 hours tonight and I'm only halfway through the second of three discs. The cover says it's the complete first season so I'll definitely have to research if there were other seasons. I'm a fan!

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Trista said...

Well, I just put Bramwell on my list of things to check out. Thank you!