Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My bleeding picked up a little bit this morning and then I think I passed a little more tissue. I'm still trying to take it easy as I'm having a little pain down there like when I passed my sac. I had really hoped to be on the downside of the bleeding today.

On a good note I just finished my taxes. I have federal and state returns done by a CPA who specializes in airline pilot returns. She gets way more out of those per diem numbers than I could ever hope to. The good news is that we are getting refunds from federal, state, and local. Not hefty returns but at least I didn't get the government too big of a tax-free loan and I don't have to pay them anything else for last year.

Speaking of the airline industry, I haven't said much about J's uncertain future in that sector. But if you've been following the news, I imagine you've heard a lot lately about Northwests' bankruptcy and their trying to negotiate a new contract with their pilots. J works for a Northwest feeder, so all that will have a direct bearing on his future career plans. Fortunately for us, his previous career was in computers and he has heard from several past contacts lately wanting to know if he's looking to get back into his old career. I don't think he'd be out of a job for long. What worries me is the whole insurance thing. Our insurance right now is decent although it doesn't cover any infertility treatments. With this m/c though, I'm pretty sure we can get stuff paid for under the heading of recurrent m/c. What I dread is if we have to switch insurance plans midstream. But all that is so nebulous right now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing is going to happen in the next few months and hopefully we'll get the HSG out of the way. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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