Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A little laugh at my expense

The other day I scraped the top of my finger while playing with the Little Miss. The skin was still on top of it so it wasn't too bad. Yesterday, though, I managed to get the skin knocked off while trying to get shoes on G. It hurt like he**! Finally I decided to go upstairs and see what we had in the medicine cabinet that would make it not hurt so much. The best I could come up with was Chloraseptic throat spray. I figured what the heck: it did deaden my throat pretty well. So I sprayed it on.

I promise you: the fires of hell were no match for the burning I endured after spraying this stuff on the raw skin that was my finger.

The good news is that about 3 minutes later I could no longer feel the finger. I probably burned off all the nerves.

But it worked.

Now that I've given you a good laugh, I'll bitch about my reproductive state. [gross disclaimer] I had a big blob of eggwhite CM today that was definitely tinged pink. I am also midly crampy today. I keep telling myself that it's just my body trying to get itself back in sync. It is just so frustrating to feel like I am *still* dealing with the m/c. Well, hopefully tomorrow I will get my HCG levels back and hopefully they are still going down at the rate they were last week. I can only hope.

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