Sunday, March 19, 2006

Talk, Talk, Talk

My folks are headed out in just a few hours so I can finally blog about them. Namely the fact that my Mom drives me absolutely crazy.

My Dad I can get along with just fine. We can spend hours in companionable silence and then have a conversation, then go back to silence.

My Mom is a talk-a-holic. And it's her subject matter that drives me insane. Her number 1 topic is her health problems (and believe me, she has enough to keep you entertained for days). Second most favorite topic is other people's health problems. This one is fed by all those "prayer requests" at church. And her third favorite topic is people who have died macabre or morbid deaths.

Telling you a story once is just not enough for my Mom. She usually has to work through her repertoire about once a day. Which is okay (while utterly boring) for health issues. But if she tells me one more time about a recent grisly murder I'll scream.

So they are leaving about 4am tomorrow to start the long drive home. And, while I hate to see them go for their granddaughter's sake, I will not miss any more recitations of Mom's heart attack or dental work.


BBC said...

I am sorry to hear the Hcg levels are slow to come down. I know how you feel havung struggled with retained tissue. Stay positive. My thoughts are with you.

I also know how it feels to have a parent on town and driving you crazy. My mother in law has been staying here the past week and I my patience has been tested. If I hear "the minute you stop trying to have a baby you will" agaion, I may scream! :)

Josefina said...

Seems that the morbid thing is proportional to the years you have. My grandmothers LOVE to talk about the most horrible illness and deaths and totally put-you-in-a-bad-mood issues.
Hope we'll remember this when we start to get old!
Best wishes on the coming down of hcg levels!!