Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dealing With Numbers

I had hoped to hear from the nurse today what my HCG was yesterday but it looks like she's already gone home. I'm sure she'll call me sometime tomorrow as soon as she gets the fax. Looks like my bleeding has tapered off to just spotting. Looking at my FF chart, it predicted based on my historical charts that I would be having a period about now. So maybe that's what I had? Who knows? I think I'll go based on the assumption that it was something like a period and start doing my temps again tomorrow and do OPKs this month. Hopefully that will give me a little warning as to when the HSG might be and I can plan accordingly.

I'm into my latest spring cleaning project. Getting the paperwork out for my tax audit got me thinking about all the paperwork we have regarding income taxes. I started doing some research to see how long I needed to keep all that junk. I found one website that said keep as much as you can as long as you can. That's probably pretty good advice. But I'm also reasonably certain that we won't be needing John's 1984 income tax return and W-2 statement. So I've decided to keep all the paper records I've got for 10 years. After that I'll keep only scanned copies of the return and some of the supporting statements. I don't think the IRS can reasonably audit you after about 6 years so these electronic copies will be mostly for posterities' sake. I figure someday G will get a kick out of seeing her Dad's very first income tax return where he brought home just a little over $14,000 working for IBM and got a whopping $800 refund.

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Josefina said...

I'm still amazed of how sofisticated your tax refund is.
Here, you check your incomes in the "IRS" (here it's called internal taxes services) web page, check if it's alright (and as far as I know, chances are it will be in fact right, even though there are always exceptions), make your declaration (= press ok button) and voilá, a month later you receive your refund.
OK, I think it's a little more complicated when you have to pay instead of get a refund, or when you are an associate in several companies or things like that.
But for normal employees, it's just like I told you. In fact, if you're a dependent employee, income declaration is optional.
For example this year, I will receive refund because our appt is subject to a tax benefit that allows me to get some tax refund, pretty cool!!
Good luck!!!