Friday, March 24, 2006

Movies and Pads

Last night's movie was The Four Feathers. It's a 2002 movie so I'm definitely running a little behind! Anyway, if you're interested in the glory days of the British Empire, you'll enjoy this one. I liked the story line because the hero (Heath Ledger) joined the army just because his father expected it of him but when he learns his regiment is being sent to the Sudan, he resigns. This is a movie where I think the book would probably add a lot of depth to the story, but you get the impression that he leaves the army because he doesn't agree with the whole concept of war. Most of the movie is set in the Sudan and filmed in Morocco. North Africa is near to my heart for many reasons and I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery of the movie.

If any of you were intriqued with the idea of cloth pads and were thinking about trying them out, here's the perfect opportunity. I just got an email from Perfect Pads and they are having a shipping special:

I for one am SO glad it's finally spring, so it feels like a good time for a sale, don't you think? :-) I know you love our $3 flat rate shipping sale, so Happy Spring! :-) From now until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday March 28, all orders to US addresses placed in the Perfect Pads shopping cart will be charged only $3 for shipping, regardless of how big the order is.

So, the more you buy, the more you save. Use Special Code SPRING to get this deal - just do your shopping, and when you check out enter coupon code SPRING, you'll only be charged $3 for shipping.

I may buy a few extra myself!

In fertility news, I'm still spotting. I've been doing some research into the cost of Clomid and Progesterone. It looks like has good prices on both but I worry about the timing of actually getting them. So for the first month I may just go with a local pharmacy. I hate that you can't easily check prices on this kind of stuff.

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