Sunday, March 12, 2006


FF took away my ovulation with my temp today. I had to know that was coming, didn't I? So I'm consoling myself with the fact that now I won't have to worry about having a baby around Christmas. My birthday is the week before Christmas and I've always felt jipped about that.

By my scientific calculations (!) my HCG should be close to 30 tomorrow and below 15 by the end of the week. So maybe my body will gear up and ovulate by the end of March. You gotta allow a girl to hope.

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savvy saver said...

My birthday is December 23rd, and I am with you on not wanting to have a child with a birthday right before Christmas.

We had our miscarriages around the same time. I was just at my doc and we are allowed to start trying again sometime between mid-late April. For now, I'm just taking it easy and trying to take care of myself.

Good luck to you!