Friday, March 10, 2006

One of those days

I am in tears today; it's just such a horribly bad day.

It started off with a call to find out my hormone levels. On Monday they were at 251. I had so hoped and believed they were much lower. They are halving about every 60 hours. At that rate, it will be another week or two before they are down. Which means that I most likely did not ovulate this week as I thought although my temp was still up this morning. My body is playing tricks on me and I just hate it.

Then I got an email this morning from a good friend and she says her 2 year old son is showing symptoms of autism. This is the most unbelievably cute blue-eyed, blond-haired child that you can imagine. It is just so unfair that even after you have them they can be taken away from you in some form or fashion. It just makes me so angry that she is having to deal with everything that she is. It sucks.

So, today is definitely one of those "just ducky" kind of days.


Lorem ipsum said...

I'm so sorry. Never out of the woods, it seems.


cat said...

Really sorry to hear about your news and your friends. Sending you some love.