Saturday, March 11, 2006


I don't get it. I'm currently paying $439 every six months with AllState for auto insurance. I sat down today to get a quote from Geico. Almost double! $756!! About once a year I reprice the auto insurance and Geico consistently comes up higher. So I feel compelled to take this opportunity, while I'm on the subject, of admitting something: I own 3 cars. Yes, me who cloth diapers and recycles and drinks organic milk. I own 3 cars.

J brought a car to our marriage: a 1991 Isuzu Trooper that looks like a box, sounds like a freight train, is rusting away as we speak, and remarkably still runs. He can't bring himself to part with it. I learned to drive a stick in it so I'm rather attached as well. If you can drive this car, you can drive a stick in anything! Plus if the weather is really icy, you can put it in 4 wheel drive and get where you're going without worrying if you happen to run into something.

The year after we got married, J bought me the car of my dreams: a green Mazda Miata. 2 seater. Topless. It's just beautiful. Or was until my BIL backed into it and dented the back. I suppose we'll get it fixed someday. It's a fun little car to drive around though and we can't come up with any good reason to sell it. Besides, it gets the best gas mileage of all our cars.

Then there's the Nissan Xterra: my workhorse car. We weren't factoring in kids when we bought it though and let me tell you, hefting up a toddler into that carseat is a workout in and of itself. Some days I drive around in the fog of a dream of having a plain ole 4 door sedan. One that gets awesome gas mileage preferrably. This one definitely needs to visit the shop as the gas mileage on it has gone from bad to worse in the last year or so.

So there's my confession. I own 3 cars. Two of which get very bad gas mileage. Shame, shame on me.

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