Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Numbers and Audits

Got a call today: my HCG was 81 yesterday. Over half what it was the week before. So it's coming down faster than last week but I figure I realistically have 3 or 4 weeks to go. This number at least makes me feel better about not having retained tissue.

Got a letter in the mail today from the City of Columbus Ohio Income Tax Division. Yes, I'm being audited. Seems that even though they never sent me any forms the 4 years I lived there, they can audit me. They can even do it for a year in which I had not set foot in Ohio except to visit. I don't think I'll end up owing them money because the company I worked for was based in another town. But just gathering 5 years worth of income tax info is a pain. The last 2 years I have used an aviation tax specialist who gives me PDF copies of the return on disc. That feature alone is worth it when being audited I think. This will be my first audit. I hope I pass.

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Josefina said...

Really complex the tax system there!!
Hope you can find everything you need!
Well, and congrats! at least numbers keep coming down, that's the most important thing!!
Oh and on the spring thing, here (south hemisphere) there are a lot of babies born on our spring (september-december) and I've always thought that those are "summer" babies, "christmas" or "new year" babies. I don't know how it goes up there, but if the logic applies on the north hemisphere, you will be just on the best time when you TTC again (I mean, on your summer!).
According to my husband, nature is wise that if you conceive on the summer, you are pregnant on autumn and winter, when you need to be warm, and then when the weather gets better again, the baby is born and can survive better because days are warmer. It's a pretty "animalistic" theory, but at least it's good for your timings! (I'm having my final chances this month! LOL).
Good luck!