Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fun with Google Images

I saw this on a blog as I was surfing today and thought the results were kinda fun.

The Rule is that you take the best picture you like from the first page of Google Images results.

1. The city and state of the town you grew up, no quotation marks.
Pasadena Texas
2. The town where you currently reside.
The county courthouse
3. Your name, first and last, but again, no quotes.
I bought these on amazon some months back and posted a review about them!
4. Your grandmother's name.
Ruby Smith. I thought this was funny (a Smith Woodhouse Ruby port) because my Granny probably never touched a drop of alcohol in her life!
5. Your favorite food.
I could live on cheese enchiladas; just not from Cha-Cha's!
6. Your favorite drink.
That would have to be red wine!
7. Your favorite smell.
This one might be a bit raunchy, but I typed in "clean" and this was definitely the best picture!

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