Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Thanks Lorem for the suggestion about the sponge. I looked into it and the rates of protection are about 85-90% depending on how well it's used. I'm really tempted to try it but I think I would be worried the whole time about that other 10-15%. It really, really, really sucks that I have that worry at this point in time! For now I think we'll just continue to be intimate without actually having intercourse. I'm hoping it'll only be for a few more weeks. Knock on wood, I didn't have any spotting at all today so I'm really curious to see what my hormone levels are at.

I promised a review of my new BBT. The one I got is branded as "Mabis" but it looks like it's also marketed as "Fairhaven Health". The old one I have is a BD brand. The Mabis/Fairhaven one looks to be a good thermometer. My main beef with the BD is that it beeps every few seconds while taking your temp which drives me nuts. The Mabis one only beeps when it's done. The plus about the BD is that it has a backlight which the Mabis does not. For now I'm turning on the light and noting the temp and then turning it back on later to see how well the memory works. So far, flawlessly.

All in all, I'll keep using the Mabis because the beeping of the BD is more annoying to me than not having a backlight. From all my research, I couldn't find a BBT that doesn't beep AND has a backlight. It's as frustrating as trying to find 100% trustworthy contraception when you should be trying to get pregnant.

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Josefina said...

Regarding condoms, it's not at all a nice thing, not only the unconfortable (and quite "dry") feeling, but also because it ruins a lot of the passional moment, like making you go back to reality...it really sucks.
I hate pills also, so I think whenever the time comes to avoid pregnancy (although in this moment I can't imagine ME avoiding pregnancy haha), I will use a little machine that monitors your hormone levels...here it's called "persona", I don't know the name there. If well used it's like 99% reliable. The only thing that sucks is that you have to pee on a stick (just like pregnancy test) some 8 days a month as for the machine to check your levels. It has green, yellow and red light, indicating the risky days. That way, you only have to wear a condom in the "risky" periods, not all month!
for your case it wouldn't be useful, because you don't have a clue about your period or ovulation, etc, but for the future, you might consider it! anything to avoid that stupid condom! haha...