Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I'm so excited: I made huge progress today on getting the basement cleaned out. I generated at least 5 huge bags of trash and at least a dozen boxes and bags of stuff to donate. I went round and round on whether to garage sale or donate it all. Most of it is junky stuff but I'm sure I could make a couple hundred on a garage sale. But pricing it and setting it all up and messing with all that.... In the end I decided it was just too much hassle. So I'm carefully documenting everything and I'll hopefully come up with a nice tax write-off. Which is a pain in and of itself but not nearly as much as having a garage sale. The really sad thing is that I'm putting stuff in my donate piles that I bought last summer at garage sales.

I'm still spotting but only just a teeny tiny bit today. I'll get another beta done either tomorrow or Tuesday but it will be later in the week before I can get the results. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm below 100 now. Last year I stopped spotting when my HCG hit 59. It's probably too much to hope that I could do the HSG at the end of March but maybe early April? My goal is to have a clean basement before my HSG.

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