Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here Come The Folks!

My temp took a nosedive this morning to pre-ovulation levels. Being the optimistic pessimist that I am, can I please assume that my body is returning to some semblance of normal and I can get on with my life?? I am still waiting for my HCG numbers from Monday. The nurse at my SIL's office does my bloodwork out of niceness and I just hate to bug her for my results. I'm hoping that my OB's office will call with them soon.

The other reason I'm hoping the OB's office will call is that I want to ask them about going ahead with the Clomid as soon as I start this cycle. I thought a lot about it and I decided that since the chances of conception after an HSG are boosted, I'd like to throw as much at this next cycle as I possibly can. The OB said previously that she uses Clomid to boost progesterone plus I'll be on progesterone supplements. And I can't deny that the added possibility of multiples appeals to me at this point. I would like to have 3 kids but I don't think we'll be riding this particular roller coaster again. Worst case, I do the Clomid and they find something wrong during the HSG. But if not, then I'll be ready.

My parents arrive in town this evening. They are driving here all the way from Houston. My Mom always was a nervous flier but after 9/11 she announced she would never fly again. Never. Ever. Not even to see her granddaughter. Which puts me in somewhat of a dilema. Travelling with a toddler is way harder than I ever expected it would be and I don't have plans of doing it again anytime soon. On the other hand, the 2 day drive is really hard on them. My Dad is 76 and my Mom is 68. Mom has lots of health problems (overweight, heart disease). Dad is pretty fit but neither of them need to be in a car that long. I've talked to them before about maybe moving up here but they're really not interested. And I don't push because they have a good social network down there and they're happy. This is why I don't want G to be an only child. I have 100% of the burden of my parents. And, while it's a burden I accept gladly and without complaint, it still causes me some sleepless nights. Whenever my phone rings and I see it's their number, my head immediately starts spinning about how to work out the details of getting on the next plane to Houston. Thank goodness it's never come to that but someday it will.

So anyway, they arrive tonight and will stay with us almost a week. J got off work yesterday and promptly headed to Salt Lake for some skiing. His excuse is that our friend out there is really depressed over his recently failed marriage and needs some support. Okay, I'll buy that. My Mom can be really annoying sometimes :-) We get along okay but by the end of their visit I will be glad to see them go.

That's life today in Smalltown USA. Exciting as hell.

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