Sunday, March 05, 2006


The local video store had a three-fer this weekend. J and I watched two of them.
Red Eye: Lame lame lame. Did I mention it was lame?
Bewitched: Cute. Good movie to chill with, especially if you grew up watching Elizabeth Montgomery.

The last movie was one I've been dieing to see: Pride and Prejudice. I had my doubts about it because I just couldn't imagine anyone as Mr. Darcy but Colin Firth. All in all though, I think this is my new favorite. Keira Knightly was a very enchanting Elizabeth and Judi Dench stole the show as the Lady Catherine de Bourg. I love this time period and I love the story.

So, give Pride and Prejudice a go, maybe see Bewitched, and please please please, leave Red Eye on the shelf.


Josefina said...

I totally agree with you. I really have something with the book pride and prejudice, my all time favorite!!
And I saw the movie, just loved it! the new mr. darcy oh my god he's so so cute!!!

Lorem ipsum said...

I will never see 'Red Eye.' It has that creepy Cillian Murphy guy in it. I couldn't watch 'Batman Begins' when he was on the screen. He just makes my skin crawl, which I guess is good for a movie like 'Red Eye.' But I'm not going to give myself weeks of nightmares for a two-hour movie.

If you liked 'Pride and Prejudice' check out 'Bride and Prejudice' with Aishwarya Rai. Same story, with a Bollywood twist. A lot of fun and beautiful to look at! (I hated the book in high school but love this film.)