Friday, March 31, 2006

I feel like a teenager

It's been quite a while since poor J has seen any action. About 6 weeks to be exact. So, after deciding earlier this week that my bleeding was indeed a sort of period and being over all that, I figured it would be okay to indulge in a roll in the hay since it was early in the cycle. So Wednesday before he left for work, I waylaid him. He didn't even ask if it was okay if did it. He was that neglected. Yesterday my temp was at pre-ovulation levels for me. Today it shot up to post-ovulation levels. Damn.

I feel like a teenager trying to endure the 2ww to see if there'll be any consequences to the back-seat-of-the-car incident.

I'm telling myself that I went for a whole year timing everything perfectly with no results and there is no reason to think that, if I did ovulate recently, there will be any consequences to it. Besides, today is only CD8 and it's highly unlikely to ovulate on CD7. Isn't it? Well, FF does show some charts in the gallery ovulating that early. They don't say how many.

So I'll be holding my breath to see what my temp does tomorrow morning. It could just be that my temps haven't gotten back in sync. We'll see.

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