Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who Knows?!

My spotting tapered off this afternoon and is pretty much gone now. My OPK was negative. But then again, it was totally negative last month the day before the surge. Lorem suggested that maybe my cervix is irritated from the progesterone. I'm going to have to assume that's what it is since I have no other explanations.

I engaged in a rather bittersweet activity today: I started getting the "big girl" room ready. The last week or so, G has taken to napping on in our bedroom. Which works out okay. By the way, the no afternoon nap thing most definitely did NOT work out. She just can't make it without that nap. So now she is back to napping a couple of hours in the afternoon and I've pushed her bedtime back to about 10pm. It's working so much better for us! Anyway, I know that sooner or later it's going to be a pain in the butt to have her in our bedroom, so I decided tomorrow to transition her to her big girl room for naps. We have a spare bedroom upstairs that, thanks to my Mom, is equipped with both a low trundle bed and a rather high twin bed. This evening I cleaned the bed off. I will miss my staging area for sorting clothes! Tomorrow I will put the side rails on the twin bed. The trundle is an antique for which I never had a mattress made so I think I will just scavenge a couple of quilts to pad it. Of course, I had to move around boxes of her baby clothes and diapers. And I know it will be only a matter of time before she wants to sleep in there at night too. My baby isn't much of a baby anymore and I mourn the passing of that stage of her life.

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