Thursday, August 24, 2006

Looking forward to vacation!

I just knew this morning that I'd get that elusive third high temp and that FF would reward me by saying that my chart was triphasic. But I didn't. So life goes on. This morning I counted up my HPTs and stored them in the cabinet within reach in the bathroom. All ready to go tomorrow morning because, you know, I am just a glutton for the punishment of BFNs.

J leaves for a trip this evening. When he gets back Sunday night, he will be off for almost 3 weeks! For about 5 of those days we plan to go visit relatives in the Carolinas. We will also hopefully take a couple of days for just us. Whether we go winery touring or something a bit less alcoholic depends on the results of this weekend. The bad news is that we will be visiting the Carolinas during my round of Clomid. I've got to read up on the side effects so that I can be on my guard!

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