Monday, August 14, 2006

Tick tick tick

Can a Monday evening get any more pathetic than testing your LH surge *again*? A mere 8 hours after the first clearly positive test?! It was dark but not nearly as dark as this afternoon. While waiting for my sperm to arrive, er.... I mean while waiting for my husband to arrive so that I can lovingly attack him as he walks in the door, I am entertaining myself with googling how soon one can ovulate after a positive OPK. It's getting really bad over here folks, and J won't be home for another hour at least. I feel like a ticking time-bomb, counting down the minutes an egg can survive unfertilized. Geesh. Somebody just shoot me and put me out of my misery already.

I was talking with my cousin's wife today who started trying earlier this year for her second. Hers is a long story but we have some common ground minus the m/c. We were talking about how it's impossible not to obsess about this stuff and how that people who have never walked this road just don't get it. Even our husbands don't get it. She asked me how I manage to stay sane. I touted the answer that my scrapbooking keeps me focused on something other than TTC.

I think I lied though. I think I've already crossed the threshhold of insanity.

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