Friday, August 25, 2006

My Day So Far

4:55: After tossing and turning for what seems like all night, finally decide to get up and pee
4:56: Put the pee on the HPT
4:57: Crawl back in bed because I'm actually cold for some reason
5:10: Stumble back in the bathroom to check the test. Damn. I waited more than the prescribed 10 minutes to check it and there's two lines there. What now?
5:11: Like any sane, rational person, I squeeze out a little more pee for another test
5:12: Eagle eye the test
5:13: Eagle eye the test
5:14: While eagle eyeing the test, realize that there is indeed a second line there.

I'm 9dpo and I'm afraid to draw any conclusions here. For lack of any other explanations, I must conclude that double lines on HPTs are yet another side effect of progesterone.


I'm scared.

Oh yeah, It's 5:35 in the morning and my bat is back, flying around my room. Again.


Tendersoul said...

Every once in a while they just surprise you, don't they?

Good luck this round. I have been silent lately, but I am sending good thoughts your way.

Tendersoul said...

Maybe the bat is a sign? Hmmm?

Lisa said...

Hmm. Didn't think progesterone affected an HPT at all. You don't sound like you're ready for congratulations but I am rooting for you from my side of the internet. :)

Lisa P. said...

That comment above was me, BTW. I didn't know that Google accounts were used on Blogger!

Lorem ipsum said...

No, HPTs do not pick up progesterone. They pick up HCG. So unless you had an HCG trigger that may still be hanging around, you are pregnant!

(blowing small horn)

Lorem ipsum said...

ps Do not stop the progesterone.

ps2 Just saw your other post about nausea. Nausea is one of my PMS symptoms now, so anything goes. Kind of early for morning sickness, but now you know that it'll probably continue.

*still smiling*

Trista said...

I agree with Lorem. I'll wait till your big announcement to release my held-back loud whoop!

BBC said...

K - I am seconding other comments that progesterone will not cause a positive HPT. I know how you feel...scared and apprehensive to be happy.

Wait a day or two, test again, then give a big grin an believe it.

I am joyful inside for you but will wait until you feel ready to celebrate.

Take care,