Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clomid, Here we come

I got a call this morning from my RE's nurse. I have to say: they are always prompt at returning calls. So, it looks like I will start Clomid on CD3, then go in for an ultrasound at CD13 or 14. If I have some follies that look good, I'll do a trigger shot. I was a little worried about the cost of that after hearing Lorem's cost horror stories. But the HCG trigger is the cheap part of it, less than $40 she said. So she is calling both those in for me. This will be the same pharmacy that has somehow managed to get my prometrium covered so I'm crossing my fingers that they might be able to do the same magic with this stuff. The nurse even offered to call it in to a mail order pharmacy for me which I suspect would be cheaper but I decided to support my local pharmacy (it's truly a local one down the street that even delivers if you need it) and see how much it costs.

I've decided I won't pick up the prescriptions right away. I mean, I am only 7DPO and I haven't totally written this cycle off. And of course, the second high temp on my chart means nothing. Remember that. It's just the progesterone.

The nurse also asked me about hubby's "availability" once I got the trigger. I explained his unusual schedules and she said they can always freeze some sperm and do an IUI. The cost for that would be $183 for freezing and $319 for the wash and IUI, so about $500. While I don't really want to spend that much and I know it would be a big task to persuade John, I don't want to go through all that medicine and then not have sperm at the right time. But the nurse and I agreed that we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

So there you have it: a plan already for the next cycle. And we haven't even finished this cycle. I will start testing Saturday, maybe Friday.


Trista said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle. But it is good news that clomid and the trigger shot is available if you need it. Clomid was pretty cheap for me. $4 a pill (insurance won't cover it) so $20 the first month and $40 the following months (after they doubled my dose)

Lorem ipsum said...

Clomid wasn't too bad, like Trista said. It's the injectibles that are nasty and expensive and lead you to ban people from your blog for putting you down and demanding to know how you're going to pay for them when you're only doomed to fail.

Did I just say that?

And you said it - it's progesterone. Step away from the thermometer! :-)