Saturday, August 12, 2006

A new era

Only CD16 and I've already given up hope on this cycle. Is that sad or what?! My temps look like a roller coaster just like last month and I haven't had a promising OPK yet. So it looks like it's gonna be another long cycle with no results. Stay tuned for the Clomid chapter!

So J will be off to work tomorrow for the first time since all the excitement this week. He'll be, as one of his peers put it, "in a new era of security". Supposedly now crewmembers (pilots and flight attendants) are exempt from the liquid and gel bans since they have to cart their stuff around with them and, heaven help their passengers if they go on a 6 day trip without benefit of toothpaste and deodorant. Heaven help TSA too! ;-> I guess I look at new security measures with a different eye than most. I don't think they are really going to stop a determined terrorist and they just make my husband's life that much harder. On the other hand, maybe they will deter a signficant portion of the population from flying at all in which case it will be that much easier for us to fly standby on vacation next month! I'm just glad I'm past the stage of having to taste formula or breastmilk. I think that might deter me from flying!

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