Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Epiphany of Sorts

subtitled: Duh, don't I feel stupid.

A thought ocurred to me this morning and I just sat down to check it out on my chart. It used to be that I would get a positive OPK and then the next morning I would get a temperature rise that confirmed ovulation. Well, I'm basing that assumption on just a handful of charts that may or may not be all that accurate. I always thought that I was ovulating very quickly after my surge.

After reviewing my charts, however, I'm not so sure about that now. I know OPKs are not a science and I know that you can ovulate up to 48 hours after receiving a peak. Knowing that, I think I'm actually ovulating closer to the 48 hours after the peak. And, to add insult to the injury of this discovery, I think we didn't really time things right last month since J had to leave for work. So last month might not have been the bomb that I originally thought.

I've always thought I have a pretty comprehensive picture with the charts I have on FF. Looking now, I see that I have 17 of them prior to this month. Only on 6 of them was I actively temping to get pregnant. And only on 4 of those was I using OPKs in conjunction with my temps. Not exactly the broad statistical sample I thought I had. Which makes me think that I really don't know my cycles as well as I thought I did. I promise to pay more attention in the future.

This month I've decided to rely more on my temps and get 3 highs before starting the progesterone. For now, well, gotta get to work!

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Trista said...

Those charts are so difficult to interpret, I swear! And I can imagine that it's quite frustrating when you have a husband who is frequently out of town and so your intercourse requires close timing...

What I want to know is...

Did you get your sperm -- er, get to make deep, meaningful love with your husband in time?