Thursday, August 24, 2006

He's a Keeper!

This evening, a little while after I did my progesterone, I started feeling really nauseous. I mean really bad. So I called my hubby up (he left this afternoon for a 3 day trip) and asked him if our lunch had made him sick.
k.: Are you sick from our lunch today?
j.: Nope
k.: Not at all? You didn't feel anything?
j.: No, why are you sick?
k.: Yeah, I'm not feeling very good at all.
j.: You think it was lunch?
k.: Well, I guess it could have been something from supper last night.
j.: Maybe it's consequences*

* consequences, of course, being what happens if you're not careful with all that wild whoopee we're forced to endure each month in the name of making a baby.

J's not very comfortable talking about bodily functions, least of all about reproduction. So I don't tell him when it's "that" time of the month and I don't tell him when I get a peak on my OPK and I don't tell him when I'm testing with HPTs. And he's happy with that. So I have to be a little proud of him that he's put 2 and 2 together (the period of really wild whoopee every day is over + I lay down twice a day for my progesterone) and he's figured out that it might be time for some news. Which is really kinda cute in my opinion.

Well, since nausea is one of the side effects listed for progesterone I'm not reading too much in to it. And I'm still rather convinced it's something I ate. But I'm definitely giving my hubby brownie points for thinking that it could possibly be something else!

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