Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Really nothing much to report today; at least nothing that can top the bat story. This morning Gracie and I went to a playgroup that was hosted by my friend L. It's a nice group of women but, as hard as I listened to all the conversations, I didn't hear a single one that didn't center around the kids. Well, that may be a little unfair but the vast majority of talk was about the kids. Yesterday J and I had a long conversation trying to debug a problem with the website that we run. I found myself thinking: I miss this! I miss talking about computers with someone who knows what I'm talking about. So I decided to start my own group: former computer programmers, now Moms, who want to talk about something other than kids. I'm sure it's going to be a thriving group given a little time.

At any rate, G had a lot of fun playing with all her friend's toys. The funny thing I noticed, though, is that she definitely has a touch of my personality. She will jump right in on things that interest her but she prefers to do it alone. She was quite content to spend most of the time in the area of the room with the couch, playing on the pillows. I don't think she's going to be painfully shy like me but I do think she will always march to the beat of her own drummer and meet life on her own terms.

I am now 6 days into a 12 or 13 day luteal phase. So about halfway through. I'm not reading anything at all into the fact that my temp went up a little this morning. Nope, not reading anything into that. It's the progesterone you know. And I'm sure it will go down tomorrow. Seriously, it's so hard not to read something into every little thing. I decided to go ahead and call my RE about doing Clomid next month, so I left a message this afternoon about that. Just waiting.... waiting.... waiting....

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