Friday, August 25, 2006

The Bat Story that just won't die

While G was in the bathtub tonight I decided to peak my head in my room (I've been keeping the door closed) and see if the bat had decided to come out. Sure enough, he was in there swooping around. So I called (and woke up!) my friends and they said they'd be right over. They got here and we all 3 went in and started looking. And looking. And looking. No bat. Where is the damn bat?! Finally after probably 15 minutes of looking, my friend J spotted the bat on my bath towel which was slung over the top of the shower stall. After probably another 15 minutes of trying to decide the best way to catch him, T finally coaxed him into a small plastic water bottle. Turns out this was not the same bat: this was just a little baby bat.

So it looks like we might have a colony of bats somewhere in the attic. I'll admit it: time to call the professionals. T said my chimney is closed up pretty tight but there's a fairly big crack in the wall on the side of the chimney (old house, remember) and we think maybe that's where they're coming in. I plan to dig through some of my old fabric tomorrow and try to rig up a little screen so that, if they are coming in there, that might stop them.

I titled one of my posts about the first bat with "Conclusion". Looks like that was just the beginning of a story, probably a rather expensive story.

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