Wednesday, August 16, 2006

They should require a license....

..... for some people to have children. I was in the grocery store this morning checking out. A very pregnant woman got in line behind me. Now, I try very hard to conquer my judgementalism. I'm very aware of it and I try to put myself in someone else's shoes before I make judgements. I had a hard time with this woman. First off, she was practically yelling at the little boy in the cart. I'm guessing he was 12-18 months old. Sitting in the big part of the cart. Where he could easily fall out. As he reached for the candy bar. And his mother kept yelling at him that he couldn't have one this time. Excuse me? This time? How does a child under the age of 2 even know what a candy bar is unless they've had them multiple times? Anyway, so the woman keeps yelling that he can't have this candy bar as she puts her stuff on the belt. I'm not going to comment on the variety of what she was buying. Some people make different decisions regarding food. I'm sure she had lots of healthy stuff at home already to feed her child. I'm sure this trip was just to stock up on all the junk that only she would eat. Because, you know, she's pregnant and probably hungry a lot.

So I'm really trying to just ignore this and get my stuff bagged up and go. When the checker says to her "And how are you today". She looks at him and says "Would you like a him? I'll sell him to you real cheap. Right now. I'm serious. I've had enough of him and it's only 10 o'clock in the morning."

I think she was semi-serious. I know that she was totally serious that she was fed up with her child. I had to bite my tounge really, really, really hard to not suggest that she start with trying to feed him decent food. I was good though. I just walked away.

Why, why why??? I really don't get the universe's justification for these things. I don't know; maybe I would get denied a license for being too perfectionist. Or for not letting my child have the occassional sugary cereal. Or candy bar. I don't know. Maybe my license already has been denied. And I just don't fully know it yet.

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SaraS-P said...

Yet more evidence that those who get pregnant and stay pregnant easily (I am making assumptions about her repro history here) often do not appreciate how lucky they are. Maybe she was super grumpy from pg? Maybe? Or maybe she was grumpy from eating all that junk food herself!