Monday, May 01, 2006

HSG Results

Just a quick update: turns out my first pregnancy was a fluke! I have a septum. Not a bad one but one nevertheless. I remember with G, the only problem the entire pregnancy was the possibility of a placenta previa. Turned out not to be an issue but in retrospect, she succeeded because she implanted low in the uterus.

The test itself wasn't too awfully bad. Getting the catheter in was the most uncomfortable part. Injecting the dye didn't cause much cramping at all for me. I feel crampier now than I did when she was injecting it.

My doc said she could fix it but she'd rather I go to the specialist who does it all the time. So I am about to find the number and call for an appointment. I also need to research my insurance, but I'm pretty sure we'll be on our own for payment from here on out. Any ideas on how much it will cost?

Curiously enough, my doc said it was up to me whether I should try this month or not. She said it was just how much I wanted to risk another possible m/c vs risking another low implantation. Needless to say, I'm not risking anything at this point!

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Lorem ipsum said...

I was told that a chance of a term baby with a septum is 10%. TEN PERCENT. So yes, it was a fluke!

(Mine was closer to 0% - it was so huge it might have been inoperable. So have it done if you want - and think about that 10% and my success rate.)