Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Double Standards

Today I was upstairs folding clothes while G was downstairs - I thought she was watching a movie. I cocked my ear in her direction every so often and was satisfied with the sounds of laughter and legos. Then it got quiet. Let me mention that, as I was folding these clothes at 5pm, the snack bug hit so I dug out the package of Goldfish that I had hidden away for my convalescence. All of sudden, mid-mouthful, in walks G. She had apparantly raided the diaper bag and pulled out the emergency bag of Goldfish that I keep in there, these being her favorite snack. She marched the bag over to me and pronounced "Open, Open". Like any good Mama, I quickly swallowed my mouthful of goldfish and then proceeded to explain to her that we can't snack on crackers just before dinner because then we'll be too full to eat the healthy food for supper. I swear she looked at me like she knew that five seconds earlier I had been doing just that.

Makes me wonder how many times my mother held out on me like that.

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Tendersoul said...

LOL! My mom always said we couldn't have sweets in the house. Years later, I found out she kept a stash in, of all places, the washing machine. She knew we would never check there! I can only assume she had to take them out to wash the clothes, so how come I never found them???