Monday, May 08, 2006

An update with pictures

I just remembered that my OB gave me copies of the xray films to take to the specialist. Unfortunately, she gave me two copies of #1 and none of #2, so I'll have to call about that tomorrow. But I tried scanning one and, while not the greatest quality, I think you can see that there's a problem. My OB said she thought it was a septum although she sounded a bit hesitant about that. To me it looks more like a heart-shaped uterus but then I'm no expert on reading these things! See for yourself:


The stick looking thing on the bottom is the catheter for the dye. The heart looking thing just above that is the uterus. I think. !!!!
Here's an image I found of a normal looking uterus:

Comparing those pictures, mine looks very heart shaped to me although my OB made it sound like it didn't look too bad and could be easily fixed.

So there you have today's medical diagnosis from Dr. K. Very qualified. Stay tuned!


Tendersoul said...

Interesting view, but I have not clue. Show me a set of ovaries and I can tell you if their polycystic? ;)

Anxious to hear how your specialist appointment goes.

Hope your mom and dad are feeling better soon. Hospital stays are the worst. I hope he gets out VERY soon!

Lorem ipsum said...

Well, in my *ahem* expert diagnosis, it looks fixable. Where mine looked like a skinny octopus (er, with two legs), yours looks like a soft heart. After surgery, my 'after' looked like the bottom picture.

Remember... piece of cake. Go for it!