Monday, May 08, 2006


I spent an hour today at the OB's office for my followup appointment in order to talk to her for about 3 minutes. She wanted to know how I was feeling; I said fine. She wanted to know if I had an appt with the specialist; I said yes. She gave me copies of my HSG xrays and said she'd fax the rest. That was about it. Of course, I had decided to take G with me, hoping the appt wouldn't last long. She did pretty good though; I was proud of her.

I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday. So much for being a cycle on the longer side (today is CD16). They moved my specialist appt to 6:30pm on Wednesday. No way was I opting for yet another delay to get an earlier appt!

My Dad is still in the hospital. He sounds good and says he feels fine. But the pathology dept still hasn't come back with a final ruling on whether or not it's cancer which has me somewhat concerned. I know that if they can't decisively rule out cancer that they're probably going to opt to go back in and remove most of that lung. Dad sounds so good right now; I hate to see him go back through all that. Hopefully he'll find out for sure tomorrow. Mom thinks he will be able to come home tomorrow but, considering that he still has the drainage tube in and he hasn't been able to walk any, I think that may be a little optimistic. Time will tell. As in everything.

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