Friday, May 05, 2006

All-Consuming Parents

I talked to my Dad today and he sounded better than he has in a long time. Apparantly they have him on some sort of epidural where he really doesn't feel any pain. He said he wouldn't know he had surgery if they hadn't shown him the pictures. That comes out tomorrow though so I hope he will fare well.

I also talked to my Mom today and she sounds like she's the one that had surgery. She's been battling walking pneumonia for a couple of weeks now and can't seem to shake it. She said she had a bad night last night so she went back to the doc today and got some more high-powered antibiotics. I'll check in on her again tomorrow but if they both land in the hospital I'll definitely be taking a trip to Houston. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that with Miss Terrible Two but we'll figure it out somehow.

I took an OPK today and it wasn't anywhere near positive. I'm not sure if they're restricted to a certain phase in the cycle for the septum repair and I was really hoping to schedule it soon and get it out of the way. I don't know if a long cycle will be good or bad. And right now I don't have the mental energy to even really wonder about it beyond this post.

I think the last few days everything has really started to hit me and today was just a really bad day. To the point where I was questioning even wanting the first one much less any more. Maybe it's Pre Ovulation Syndrome?!!! I sent J out for a Brownie Delight at Dairy Queen and I'm sure that is the key to getting things to look up!

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Josefina said...

Well, it's good to hear your dad is doing ok, but sorry to hear about your mother!!!

Don't worry, we all have bad days, but something with chocolate in it can surely do something good!!