Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There's probably a special hell for housekeepers like me. I imagine that, as residents there, we'll be required to keep everything spotless (I haven't decided what the punishment would be yet). No cobwebs, no dust. Cleaning to be done daily.

This morning I went to grab something off the bookshelf in my bedroom and saw that it left a perfect outline in the dust. I mean, the dust is so thick up there you can SEE it. Mental note: Must dust soon.

The thing that kicked me in to action today, however, was peeling an apple in the kitchen and dropping a piece. Oh my gosh: you have no idea how much junk was down there. My good ole' Southern Granny had a good way of putting it: some things are dirty; but some are filthy dirty. That was the ultimate harsh word from Granny and I have to admit that she would definitely have labeled my kitchen floor filthy dirty. I honestly can't remember the last time I swept the whole thing, much less mopped. For months now I've been content with sweeping under the table where G eat. And hey, I do that on an almost daily basis. That should get me some points. So anyway, I just spent the last hour sweeping and mopping. Geesh am I tired. I guess I'll have to make a clean sweep of it today and dust that bookshelf.

In other news, my Dad got a final report today: BENIGN! He still has the drainage tube in, though, so I don't see him going home today although Mom is convinced of it. Mom is also doing much better today.

I also wanted to thank Dr. Lorem for her excellent diagnosis of my pictures. Seriously, I am so relieved to hear that her "after" pictures looked like a normal uterus is supposed to look. Gives me hope. Just a little over 24 hours till my specialist appt. I think I can wait that long!


Tendersoul said...

Excellent news! Glad to hear everyone is improving.

Tendersoul said...

PS. About the cleaning. I think when you have kids, all you care is about is the obvious. It's not until I know I'm having company, particularly my parents, that I actually worry about the "other" stuff. Then I freak out!

For example, I had my bedroom door closed when my parents came by on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM (on their way out of town). Little J decided he wanted to show my dad how much he weighed and dragged him to our master bathroom when I wasn't looking. I hadn't cleaned it in two weeks, and had folded laundry still in the basket in my bedroom, because I hadn't gotten around to hanging them up yet! My bed was not made either. When I realized where they were, I was mortified. My dad's response was, "It's okay. I lived with you. I know how you live." That was 15 years ago, DAD!


Lorem ipsum said...

Hah! I'm not a doctor, but I've spent enough time in educational institutions (note I said educational) to be one! Maybe when I look a bit 'older' I'll start passing myself off as a doctor to get good seats at restaurants. (Thank you.)

And HOORAY for your dad! Great things are afoot for both of you.

Josefina said...

Well, that's good news!!! I knew it had to be something good!!!!
And I laughed a lot about your cleaning, I mean, I imagined you bending down and finding all that junk!!!! LOL....
But of course, one never cleans that much so it was very good of you to do that!!!