Thursday, May 18, 2006

Howdy from Houston!

Did you know that it's *almost* possible to surf the web at 19.2 kilobits per second? Sometimes, when the cow gets up off the phone line, we've even hit 26 kbps! My Dad used to work for Nasa - he managed software development for the Mission Control Center in Houston. He helped send men to the moon. Now he's so far behind technology it's not even funny.

We had a pretty good trip here. G did really well on the flight and ensuing car ride. She liked the idea of watching movies on the plane but she didn't care too much for the earphones. Granny and Papa are spoiling her terribly. She has been wearing her new teletubby jammies almost 2 days straight now.

My Dad is doing so well! You'd hardly even know he had surgery. My Mom has been in a really good mood because the doctor said that she had some rare kind of pneumonia. She's all better now but when people come over and the talk turns to my Dad and how good he's doing, she can pipe in with her medical woes. She's very into being able to one-up someone.

I'll leave you with one good laugh because it's a story foremost on my mind at the moment. My parents are both very set in their habits and routines - probably typical for their age. On top of that, Mom is a clean-freak. You could literally pick up food off her floors and eat it because you know it would be clean. It pains me to watch her do the dishes though. Earlier this year she replaced her dishwasher with a spiffy Bosch model; this thing would probably clean week-old grease off a pot. What does she do? She fills up the sink with soapy water, gets every speck of food off the dishes, soaps them up real good, then puts them in the dishwasher on a pot-scrub cycle. Well, at least the plates are sterilized. It exhausts me to watch it though. So I came in here to surf on a 19.2 connection. I gotta get a life. Soon!

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Josefina said...

LOL! that's really funny! I admit I do get rests of food out of the plates, a little water and that's it. But to wash them TWICE! Really funny!!

Glad to hear you're having a good time!!!!!