Saturday, May 13, 2006

We're Off (Hopefully!)

Okay, Lorem has set me straight:

They are not going to 'cut you up.' They are going to make a tiny slit this long: ___

Whew. I feel so much better ;-> Not really but that is a little smaller than I thought.

The last few days have been filled with preparations for our trip to Houston. We hopefully will leave tomorrow on the 9am flight. I say hopefully because there was some confusion on our pass benefits and the girl in the office said she had us in the computer but I'm still rather holding my breath. By the way, I'm allowed to call her the "girl" in the office because she's at least half my age. Or sounds like it anyway. In Houston I'm renting a car with a carseat. Holding my breath there too because if they don't have a seat for us we're screwed. I've done a lot of my packing and I've actually been going around the house looking for extra toys to take because the toy bag is not even half full and I feel like I have a ton of stuff in there. Right now I'm still debating about whether to take my laptop and let her just watch movies all the way down there. It's not that I mind her watching movies for 3 hours. What I dread is the inevitable screaming fit when it comes time to turn it off. That's the only thing that's keeping it out of my bag at this point.

Lorem also suggested that I get them to do some of the bloodwork this cycle. I may ask about that when I call to schedule the surgery. I know I wouldn't be able to do the CD3 bloodwork because I'll still be in Houston.

I probably won't post anymore till I get back sometime around the 23rd. My Dad only has a dial-up connection and on a good day it connects at 20K (something about all those cows walking over the telephone wires I guess) so I only get on his computer to do basic email work to keep my inbox under control till I get home.

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