Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back among the living .... sort of

Hard to believe 24 hours ago I was out cold. The surgery went well. I have pictures of my insides but was unable to talk to the doc so I haven't a clue what they mean. I do remember the nurse in recovery saying that he had repaired the septum and removed a cyst (more on that in a sec). I got to the outpatient surgery center about 8:30 and I was getting in the car to leave about 11:45. I must admit that I am in more pain than I thought I would be. I tried not to dwell too much on exactly what would be done so I guess I didn't really think it through! The pain is okay if I'm just sitting but then the cramping turns up a bit. Laying down is not exactly comfortable either. Walking around too much is still out of the question. I took a shower this morning and took the bandages off. Just looking at the incisions made it hurt so much more! I'm just squeamish that way I guess. I have an incision inside my belly button and then a smaller one just about my pubic bone. I took the pain medication several times yesterday but didn't last night because it makes me feel really loopy. After my shower today though I gladly popped one!

The doc said he would call sometime today to discuss how things went. I'm anxiously awaiting that call!

About the cyst.... A week ago I was expecting to start my period and I was having what felt curiously like ovulation pains. Pretty intense pains at that. I had them off and on for the next 2 days. They would be very intense for 15-30 seconds and then they'd go away when I [ahem] passed gas. I didn't mention it to the doc because I figured if it was something serious he'd probably see it. All the nurse said was that he removed a cyst so I'm anxious to talk to him about that. I assume it was an ovarian cyst. Strange timing for one to appear, don't you think?!

Yesterday I did nothing but sit in bed and sleep and read magazines. I had bigger plans for today but taking a shower wiped me out so I'm back in bed. J will have to manage G for another day I guess.

I'll check back in when I hear something from the doc!


Tendersoul said...

Glad everything went well. I hope the Doc has good news!!

Josefina said...

Well, at least the worst is over, now you just have to focus on recovery (behave well!!!), and then, on to TTC!!!!
Hope you feel better!!!
PS: about the cyst, maybe it was there from before, and the doctor decided to get it out as he had you already "open"...LOL

Lorem ipsum said...

Hey, they took care of the septum and removed a cyst that you weren't even sure you had. Sounds like a good outcome.

Congrats on your newly refurbished womb! Now it's time to rent it out for nine months.