Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quick Vent

A few months ago, J's company changed their policy and started charging a "registration" fee for our "free" pass benefits. Whatever. I've been bugging him for a while now to get it done. Of course he didn't. Last week when I decided to go to Houston without him, I went down the rocky road of trying to get us in the system quickly. Friday afternoon the girl in the pass office assured me that I was good to go. Yeah right.

So I get G up at 7 this morning (two hours early) and we set off to the airport with a friend. The whole thing started off with a b*tch behind the counter telling me emphatically that everyone else has been wrong and I have never ever been allowed to take someone to the gate with me to help with G. Whatever. The whole thing went downhill from there. Turns out we are not in the system and, on top of that, they've changed the procedure for us to be able to fly on a different airline. Now we need to be there 2 hours early to get all the paperwork done.

Our morning was a bust and I'm sitting here now calling every hour to see if we've hit the system yet. If we get lucky and hit it today we'll go ahead and try to make Houston again. If not, you can bet J will be on the phone to the girl in the office tomorrow to get it straightened out.

End rant. Hopefully we'll be in Houston. Sometime. This week.

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Josefina said...

Well, I don't know if you'll be able to see this, but good luck with your trip!!!
Hope you have a good time and can relax before your "cutting" session!!!
Good luck!!