Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Finally back to a decent internet connection. We arrived at the Houston airport yesterday at noon for a 1:30 flight. Unfortunately, that flight was full, so we had to wait for the next one at 4:45. We finally made it home at 8:30. Today we ventured to the zoo for an hour or so because it is, after all, J's vacation and he wanted to do something fun. Tomorrow is my spa day and then Friday is The Day. I got my prescription filled today for cytotec which I am supposed to take the night before the surgery. I also talked today to the billing person and it turns out that my insurance is supposedly going to cover 60% of the procedure. She told me the total cost will be about $3000 so I will be thrilled to have insurance cover some. But I'm not holding my breath that they actually will. I got the insurance statement today for the HSG for $485 and they denied all of it. That should be legitimately covered though so I will have to get on the phone next week and clear that up. While I was gone J actually cleaned and even vacumed the house. Will wonders never cease?! He also managed to heft up my front loading washing machine onto the pedastal that I bought about a year ago and he did it all by himself somehow. I'm thrilled to no longer have to stand on my head to get laundry in and out.

I have to get back to catching up. It's probably a good thing that Gmail doesn't tell me the total number of unread messages but let's just say that I will have plenty of reading to keep me occupied as I recover this weekend!

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