Sunday, May 21, 2006


Yup, my period finally arrived this morning. All that worry for nothing. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

We went to church with my folks this morning. They go to a very conservative Southern Baptist church like what I grew up in. The funniest thing to me was that I had to check in G: they typed her name and mine into the computer and then slapped a label on her back. Pretty good idea, actually, especially if you saw how many other rug rats were running around. I was a little worried when I went to pick her up that they'd want to see ID or something but the lady doing the "class" knew Mom so we were good to go. Mom thought it was funny that G ran in the door and never looked back. After church my folks had to stand around and talk to everyone (it was Dad's first Sunday since his surgery) and G had a blast running around saying hi to all the strangers. I followed behind and apologized for my "terribly shy" child. Sure glad that's over.

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Josefina said...

Well, I'm glad things are still on schedule!!!
Really funny the church system to identificate kids!! funny but very practical!!!