Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Does the Waiting Ever Stop?

I know that everyone out there is just hanging on my every word, waiting to find out what the specialist reported back about my surgery. Surely you are?! So I feel compelled to check in and tell you that I still know NOTHING! Monday evening I went to the video store. I left my phone in the car. It was the only 10 minutes I was separated from my phone since the surgery and I really didn't expect a call at 9pm on a holiday. Guess who called and left a message? So I was very patient yesterday, expecting him to call on the late side again. No go. So I finally called his nurse this morning and left a message that I hoped I hadn't been forgotten. Still no word. J and I have engaged my niece for babysitting this afternoon and are headed in to see Mission Impossible 3 (he picked it, not me!). You better believe I will be sitting on the end of the aisle with my phone on vibrate!

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