Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Infertility Doc Visit Recap

Just got back from the appt and J is out picking up G so I thought I'd see if I could get a quick post in while the info is fresh on my mind.

First off, I like the doc. He seems very confident and assured; good bedside manner. He seems to think that my chances of having another successful pregnancy are very high. He wants to do the hysteroscopy/laparoscopy at the start of the next cycle when my period is done. Then I sit out that cycle and then I can start trying again! I liked the sound of that. He said he thinks my problem is probably progesterone as much as anything but that it just makes sense to go ahead and fix the septum rather than risking another m/c. I liked the sound of that too!

So, probably week after next, when I start my next cycle, I'll call and schedule. The scheduling of it has me a little stressed out because it's going to mean cutting short the visit with my folks as he only does surgeries on Fridays. So J and I have to have a talk tonight about that. But the good thing is that doing it then will mean he will be home to take care of me.

The other thing the doc discussed was after the surgery. He would really like me to stay with him so that he can run the normal battery of tests and make sure there's no other factors causing m/c. I will have to give a lot of serious thought to that. I really want to because I know I'm going to be a basketcase and all the extra monitoring will definitely help. On the other hand there's the cost issue. My talk with him today cost me $230. I know ultrasounds are usually on the order of $300-$400. None of this would be covered in any way by insurance except for the bloodwork which is covered 100%. So a lot to think about!

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Lorem ipsum said...

GET THE BLOODWORK. It's your first line of defense against anything that might have cropped up since you had your daughter. The septum and another problem may coexist (ask Lisa at More than My Share), so get it checked out since they're paying for it. You deserve answers!