Monday, May 29, 2006

Lazy Holiday

Another lazy day of recuperating. Today I feel like I can move around pretty well as long as I go very slowly. No quick movements, no bending and no twisting. And still no lifting. My belly is turning a very lovely shade of green. I think it'll be a while before all the swelling goes down and I can actually see my belly button again.

I was so excited to read cat's news at House Of Miao. Hers is one of the first blogs I started reading when she was very newly pregnant. It is so encouraging to see someone "graduate" as it were. Lorem says it's time for me to rent out my newly refurbished womb for nine months. It's funny: I've been so focused first on getting through the HSG and then getting through the surgery that I almost lost sight of the purpose of it all! According to FF's cycle planner, we should be trying again the first week in July. At this moment, I can't imagine anything stretching my belly out any more than it already is, so I'm content to sit out this June cycle! Plus, I am still having some pain where I thought he had removed the cyst. That has me a little concerned so I am looking forward to talking to him tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day Holiday. The lazy days of summer are definitely here!

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Tendersoul said...

I had a large cyst removed a few years ago and it took a few weeks until I was free of pain. It did grow more mild over time, but the sharper pains lingered for a bit.

I hope you heal soon!!