Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yikes! They're gonna cut me up!

The more I think about the upcoming procedure the more scared I get. I mean, hell, they're gonna cut holes in me. I know - they're just small ones. But someone's gonna stand over me with a knife. And use it. In all my 37 years I'm proud to report that not once have I been cut on. I've been stitched up a few times but never cut on. Anyway, I'm trying not to think about that.

Lorem strongly suggests I stay with the specialist and get the bloodwork. After having a rather sleepless night, I'm inclined to agree with her. I was trying to recall how the conversation went exactly. I remember him saying that he would want to do a lot of bloodwork and I *thought* he said this next cycle. But after ruminating on it some, I think he won't do the bloodwork until the cycle after the surgery. At this point I'm thinking to stay with him for a couple of months after the surgery and if I do get pregnant in that time to let him monitor me until 8-10 weeks - until I feel comfortable. If I don't get pregnant then I will have to decide what to do. Probably continue to stay with him for more agressive treatment.

I do have this question for all you who've been there: what can I expect in the way of the number of office visits per cycle? And, once I get pregnant, what can I expect in the way of the number of office visits and the number of ultrasounds? I have a general idea in my head of what to expect financially but it would definitely help to know specifics so I can do better planning.

In other news I'm getting ready to make the trek to Houston to see my folks. It'll be just G and I and we'll be flying standby. Which is usually not too bad on this route. Back in December I did the trip and I took the carseat on the plane with me. Which meant carrying it through the airport once we got there. My folks couldn't come to the gate to help me and I quickly found out that I wasn't really capable of carrying the carseat and G and the backpack. Luckily a helpful flight attendant helped us out. This time I plan to check the carseat and gate check a small stroller. I dread a 3 hour flight trying to keep her in the seat but I know I can't handle the carseat by myself. So I am stressing about the trip which is really quite good as it doesn't allow me time to stress too much about the surgery. We will probably leave Sunday or Monday and stay 7 or 8 days.

Another question for all you who've had the lap/hysteroscopy. For Mother's Day J is "letting" me go to a day spa for a massage and all the works. I can either go before the surgery or 4-5 days after it. Any suggestions on the best time to schedule it? I'm leaning towards going before because I'm worried about being too sore to enjoy it that soon afterwards.

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Lorem ipsum said...

They are not going to 'cut you up.' They are going to make a tiny slit this long: ___

And definitely do the spa beforehand if you must have it so close. Your belly and shoulder may be too sore afterward. However, if you schedule it for a week after the surgery, you should be fine.

And thinking about the bloodwork - there's no reason they can't draw it this cycle, since you aren't going to be adulterating your hormones with prescription hormones, right? Plus there's a lot they can figure that work independently of your hormones - proteins, DNA, etc. (Although since you and your husband already have one healthy child the DNA is probably not necessary.)

The 'doctor' will be hiding in bed till Monday!