Sunday, April 30, 2006


Haven't had much to post about lately. I feel like I've just been stuck waiting for this HSG tomorrow. Getting somewhat nervous. Still working on my list of things to talk to the OB about. I feel like lately I'm so behind in my to-do list that I'll never catch up. And the really bad thing is that 95% of the stuff on my to-do list is stuff that I really want to do!

A quick review of this week's movies:
Irresistible: I like Susan Sarandon but this movie was pretty lame. The storey line could have been compressed down to about 45 minutes and it would have been better.

Dr. Dolittle 3: Some movies should carry a big sticker that lists the maximum viewing age. This one's would have said about 13.

Memoirs of a Geisha: I have been saving this one for just the right time and last night was finally that time. Awesome movie. But do read the book first. There is so much depth and explanation that you just can't convey in a movie but add so much to watching the movie. There was a second DVD with a bunch of "featurettes" about various topics that were also interesting. I only watched a few as the movie was long to begin with but I plan to watch the rest of them tonight.

My daughter is becoming as much of a "movie" buff as I am! Sad but true. I do my best to limit it to 2 hours in a given day. Most days she watches 2 30 minute ones. Today we'll be hitting the limit though as the Y is not open and it's raining outside. I have to bribe her to play in between movies. How did we get to this point???!!!

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about the movies that she is most interested in right now. Up until she was almost 2, the Baby Einstein set sufficed for her. Then I made the mistake of getting a Teletubby movie from the library and the poor Baby Einsteins are collecting dust now (waiting for a sibbling!).

Her two favorite movies right now are actually very educational. She likes 123 Count With Me and Do The Alphabet, both Sesame Street videos. Within a week of getting the alphabet one, she was going around naming letters all over the place! Counting is coming along. Her other favorite is The Naughty Noo-Noo by the Teletubbies.

The worst part of kids movies is that you get all these songs stuck in your head. Unfortunately, G only knows one song right now: "the wheels on the bus go round and round". So we sing that one a lot.

Anyway, if you're looking for some good entertainment, I can highly recommend any of these movies. The Baby Einstein set was awesome and I have no regrets about sinking the money in to buying most of them. For any of these, check out and ebay of course as they will be somewhat cheaper used althought not a whole lot.


Tendersoul said...

I bought the Mozart video and little R LOVES to watch the images on the big screen TV. I also bought her the Lullaby Classics CD, which I REALLY enjoy, too. I plan on buying more of the Baby Einstein DVDs.

Tendersoul said...

PS. Waiting to hear about your HSG.