Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I've mentioned before that I'd like to lose a couple of pounds but it just didn't seem to be happening. I decided this week to do something that has worked well for me in the past: I'm counting calories.

Yes, I know it's very 1980ish of me. Who counts calories anymore?! That's like, so, out dude.

But it seems to work. I usually only do it for 4 or 5 days and, while not long enough to actually seem much in the way of results, it's a long enough exercise to open my eyes. I quickly start to realize that the snack of cheese cubes, the extra piece of cornbread, and the cookies at night really add up over time. For my height and activity level, Dr. Google says I can eat just over 2000 calories a day to maintain my present weight. After the tabulation was in on the first day, it was quickly apparant that, even with daily trips to the Y, I was easily consuming enough calories to gain weight.

So I've been really good the past couple of days. I've made decisions about what to eat to keep me in the 2000 calorie range, assuming that the calories I burn while working out will bring down my weight a bit. Yesterday I even decided to forgo a chocolate snack at night in exchange for a second piece of cornbread.

I was doing really good.

Until tonight.

I picked up J at the airport and he said he had a surprise for me. He pulled out a little box and I immediately knew what he had done. No, it wasn't a piece of jewelry. Far better. Sometimes in his travels he happens upon a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. Sometimes he actually has time to get me something. My favorite something. Chocolate covered toffee. I love that stuff. I can't resist it. And it must be accompanied by a large glass of milk.

Is it possible that it's only 300 calories per 3" square? Because that's what I'm writing down on my calorie chart.

I think I'll just resume counting next week. After all the toffee is gone.

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