Thursday, April 06, 2006


Wow - 3 posts in one day! This was the most cryptic title I could think of. It felt weird to be peeing on a stick again. But it reminded me of how much I hate doing OPKs. I always have a bottle of water sitting around and I have been trying to drink even more than usual lately. I had to remind myself all afternoon not to drink, which, of course, made me even thirstier. And holding the pee is tough for my weak bladder. But I'm happy to report I survived. And I might even do it again tomorrow ;->

If I am rightly interpreting my OPK, I am still a day or two (or maybe more) away from a surge. Although I do rather wonder what effect the lingering HCG has on the OPK.

The main reason I thought I was so close to a surge was my CM. I've had a straight 7 days of very fertile eggwhite CM. I haven't really been able to trust my CM since after my first m/c. Seems like I have fertile CM all the time now. I don't know if that's due to the m/c or having had a baby before or if it had something to do with my Mirena IUD. At any rate, I've certainly got an abundance of it - all through my cycle; even after ovulation. This week has been somewhat enlightening for me because I always wondered if I was confusing CM with semen (hey - they even sound sort of alike!). Now I know for sure that I am not. Dr. Google hasn't provided much insight on this topic. Anyone else have this.... I don't know if problem is the right term for it. Condition?

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