Thursday, April 06, 2006

No good title for this exceptionally boring post

Finally got a call from my OB's office and they want me to go ahead and do one last beta test next week. Actually, I had decided to do it anyway, just to hopefully see a number finally below 5. I'm hoping anyway.

The last few mornings I keep expecting to see my temp go up to indicate ovulation but I've been disappointed so far. Twice I've had eggwhite CM tinged with red which Dr. Google says is an excellent fertility sign. But mine doesn't seem to be related to ovulation so who knows what it's a sign of. I have decided to break down today and do an OPK just to see if I'm anywhere near a surge. If not then I can stop getting quite so excited over taking my stupid temperature every morning. Of course, if I am in a surge, it'll be that much harder to not "do" anything about it!

As I write this I see a bunny rabbit hopping across my yard. Must be spring. It's the second rabbit I've seen of late. Hope that's a good sign.

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